If I Had a Dollar….

Just let the past go.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me……

I have had to face decisions that I made that were life-changing but more importantly, the wrong decision.  When faced with the reality of – what have you done?  It can be difficult.  I was that person who made excuses and blamed others.  Over the years, through my dreams, my relentless brain kept reminding me so I gave in to my subconscious and faced those things that I regretted most.  Call it a reckoning.  I admitted to myself that I wished I had done things differently.  I accepted how I honestly felt.  I have a sense of peace now; at least as much as I can have given I can’t go back in time and change things.

I am embracing who I really am.  I like that person.  She is a gypsy at heart.  She loves the music from those years and feels it deeply when she plays those songs.  I am that girl.

“Don’t hide your eyes that way.

Don’t hide anything, not anymore.

Because I never did not love you.

I never did run from you.

In a dream I said to you that I’d always love you.”