Sometime in my 40’s I began having migraine headaches.  They begin with a tiny aura of spinning jagged lines that grow and block my vision for about half an hour.  Once the aura has worked its way off of my sight, the pounding headache begins.  I used to get them a couple of times a year but the last year I’ve been experiencing them about once a month.  I hate them.  I’m attempting to figure out what the trigger is; stress, lack of sleep, food, etc.  Stress isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I will be damned with these debilitating things if stress is the culprit until the day comes I can escape the grind of work, bills, traffic, blah…blah.  Sleep isn’t typically an issue.  I’ve cut out artificial sweeteners thinking maybe that was the thing my head hated.  A few weeks without my favorite artificial sweetened beverage and what do I get today?  Yep, an aura migraine.  I think ice cream will be my next food test.  Bummer.

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