I Want Sandals

If only I could pick those winning numbers!  That’s what it would take at this point for me to live my dream life, which is to travel.  Given the funds, I would rarely stay in one place.  My perfect travels would include grand, majestic architecture, oceans, and – sandals!  I have always wanted to visit the island of Capri, Italy.  On the island they have shops where you can have custom sandals created, just for you!

There are many places I want to experience.  I want my sensory to overload.  I want to walk where historic events took place.  I want to stand inside a grand cathedral and enjoy the beauty of the artist who created the masterpiece.  I want to understand how other cultures live.

I am blessed to live in an amazing country with countless fun adventures just a car trip away.  I am thankful for the freedom I have living in this fine land but there is so much more of the world and I dream of seeing it.


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