Goodbye My Friend

Many years ago my children’s father and I built a house.  As an architect, this was something that would come natural to him – designing the space he would live in.  And to accomplish such a feat at 30 years old was impressive.

WXW house01

Like most structures designed by true architects, the house was unique.  It was designed to fit nicely in the land and to blend well among the mountains.  I recall one of the colors was specifically chosen to match the mountains, another color to match the desert landscape.  I loved that house.

WXW house04.JPG

WXW house06.JPG

WXW house03.JPG

Life choices created changes which included leaving the house.  I’ve had many dreams of being at the house. Not fond of that change.

A few months ago the house burned down.  I felt as though I had lost a friend.  All of the memories of building and living in the house came flooding back.  I have been working on letting go of this traumatic event.  It’s not been easy.  I want a piece to hang on to.




Soon after the house was built, a friend came out with some aloe vera plants and we planted them.  Those things grew like weeds and after all of these years, the plants are still there….they escaped the fire.  So, with one of my best buddies in tow, we went out to the burned wreckage and were able to get some of that plant.  I said my goodbyes and will do my best to keep this special plant thriving for as long as I am alive, to remember this very special piece of my past.




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