For months I have wanted to purchase some older tunes but they aren’t available on iTunes.  Very cool modern technology allows me to play my playlists on my phone through Bluetooth in my car, and on the cute little audio box I purchased for my home.

Each Saturday morning I listen to my favorite radio station program via my phone into my little audio box and one day it just hit me, I bet I can play YouTube videos (AUDIO) too.  The songs I wanted had been uploaded to YouTube so – voila! I now have access to the music I love and missed so much.  My drive to and from work is a little more pleasant now.  It is the simple things in life.

Thank you technology for giving me back my songs.

“Long Distance Winner!”



Sometime in my 40’s I began having migraine headaches.  They begin with a tiny aura of spinning jagged lines that grow and block my vision for about half an hour.  Once the aura has worked its way off of my sight, the pounding headache begins.  I used to get them a couple of times a year but the last year I’ve been experiencing them about once a month.  I hate them.  I’m attempting to figure out what the trigger is; stress, lack of sleep, food, etc.  Stress isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I will be damned with these debilitating things if stress is the culprit until the day comes I can escape the grind of work, bills, traffic, blah…blah.  Sleep isn’t typically an issue.  I’ve cut out artificial sweeteners thinking maybe that was the thing my head hated.  A few weeks without my favorite artificial sweetened beverage and what do I get today?  Yep, an aura migraine.  I think ice cream will be my next food test.  Bummer.

Time Stood Still

Last night I spent the evening watching home videos of my children.  My kids are adults now so taking a walk back in time was wonderfully glorious, and also a tiny bit torturous.  That may sound odd but seeing my beautiful small children, hearing their voices, and watching them love their parents more than anything – that was delightful!  But there were emotions I felt, realizing that the time I adored so much, my happiest years, were gone – and it was a bit painful.  Looking at myself as a young mother and remembering her, I wish I could have gone back in time and led her through her mistakes – undoing the mistakes.

Time stood still for a few hours.

I’m grateful for those videos and I will watch them again when I need to.

Saturday Morning Indulgence

I love music from the 70’s. There is a program, Jeff Parets Acoustic Storm, which our local channel plays on Saturday mornings. The program includes some history, and the acoustic recordings of songs I grew up on. The music I love deeply.

Coffee and the Acoustic Storm – the perfect way to start a weekend.

Just Be Nice?

There are people in our lives that, due to genetics, we are required to associate with.  It isn’t always easy and I have a low tolerance for drama, so I tend to pull away when the proverbial “sh*t hits the fan.”  I simply want to live my life in peace and steer clear of the craziness.  I’ve had my fair share of moments that I have created which caused pain upon those that I love, so I feel obligated to stay at least within arm’s length.  I must say though, at times my empathy gene is nowhere to be found.  Those are the moments that I know I am of no help to the drama creator and it’s best to limit contact.  When experiencing these difficult moments in life, like a magnet, I migrate to that which brings me joy – my children and grandchildren.  I feel whole when surrounded by my loves.