Color Trip!


That in-state road trip I blogged about recently, it’s happening this weekend!  I’m so excited for this color trip.  I’m assuming there will be plenty of other folks heading up to do the same thing so it might be a bit clogged with traffic, however, some things are just worth it!

I’ve been noodling about how I can insert these day trips into my life with more frequency.  Working a fulltime job leaves little time for the mundane but necessary things I have to do on the weekends (laundry, etc.).  I just don’t want to wake up in 20 years and realize I put more emphasis on a tidy home than on exploring this beautiful state.

At my age, you tend to look back at life and recognize the wasted time, foolish decisions, and make a conscious effort to ensure the years remaining are doing what you enjoy; what it is that makes you whole.  Work is necessary to finance my life, I get that, but I’m sure I don’t want to waste any more years waiting for the time to live my life.

I’ll keep noodling…..this is important.


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