♪♪ “Think About It, There Must be Higher Love” ♪♪

One’s Higher Self.  I have a yogi co-worker who has been sharing her beliefs with me and is encouraging me to connect with my Higher Self.

In the Christian world, I suppose the Higher Self would refer to your soul – that which makes you, you.  In the yogi world, the Higher Self is your spirit self which is the pure, clean, all-love self that guides you and is connected to Source (in the Christian world Source would be God).  Similar to the Christian belief, both worldly selves have free-will so the higher self (soul) can only guide you as much as you are willing to listen and be guided.  Free will can all too often lead to big mistakes so connecting to your Higher Self can hopefully help guide you into a positive direction – the path you are meant to be on.

Another thing my yogi friend has mentioned is there are no coincidences.  I am especially curious about this notion.

I like this way of thinking and have begun to try to connect with my higher self.  Am I convinced?  Not entirely.   It is a work in progress…but I’m going to keep trying.




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