Don’t Be Shy….

I’m an introvert, I have always been. I recall years ago when my children’s father was in college we were at a party and someone asked Bill, what’s wrong with your girlfriend? She’s like a wallflower. It wasn’t that I wasn’t having fun, I was simply observing, learning. I was always more content watching than being the center of attention.

If I care deeply for someone I’m going to participate frequently in their life, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the other people in my world, I’m just not interested, or really comfortable, in socializing much.

I had to learn to be more relaxed while participating in this world which included the business world while working full-time. It was probably good for me; forced me out of this shell a little bit.

You might wonder if I wish I were different and I suppose there have been times in my life that I it would have been optimum for me to be more outgoing but mostly, no, I like it this way. I like that I am a thinker, a dreamer, an observer. I see and learn a lot by observing. I have an investigative mind so this serves me well. I’m very curious. My kids used to refer to my curiosity as nosy, but truly it was just more of a need to understand – how did you get from A to Z? I don’t simply want the answer; I want to understand how you got the answer.

There are many of us who are introverts and social media has allowed us to participate without having to actually participate.  We can observe within the confines of our quiet spaces without having to be in the middle of it all.  Good or bad?  I think more good than bad.  I can pull away whenever I need to without anyone really noticing – an introvert’s perfect world.

So, to all the other introverts in this world – celebrate who you are and the gifts that come from being exactly who you were designed to be!



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