Woe is me

My world has changed.  It is hard to wake up each day and feel like someone else. I’m not me.  It wouldn’t be so difficult if I was a better version of me, but that’s not the case.  I’m numb most of the time and sad the other. It sucks.

I listen to my favorite songs and don’t feel the emotions they typically stir.  I am depressed and feel lonely and that is not at all my normal self.  The only thing that gives me a bit of joy are my kids and my grandchildren.  Thankfully, that love isn’t lost.

My hope is this is only temporary.  Having a total thyroidectomy, and particularly the medicine required after, throws the body into a tailspin.  My head is in a fog.  I could sleep for days.  Once or twice a day for a brief moment I feel normal.  But that is fleeting.

I pray to whoever is listening that my life will eventually be back to my old normal and that this mess isn’t my new normal.

I will most likely be intermittent with my blog while I recuperate and get used to this.


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