What’s Yours?

Pet Peeves.  We all have them.  The stuff that annoys us.  I have a few but one of my biggest is when I’m in traffic and someone in front of, or next to me, uses their windshield washer.  I’m not interested in your overspray all over my car, especially after I’ve just spent $15 on a car wash.  If you need to use this little function on your car, do it when no one is behind or next to you.  It’s simple courtesy.  Probably tied with that annoyance is when a woman wears too much perfume.  I don’t want to smell or taste your perfume, and it is most frustrating when at a restaurant.  Lightly spray that stuff over yourself so that only the person you snuggle with can enjoy it.

I recently read a post where someone was griping about their pet peeve and, well, I do what irritates them.  Mental note on that one – use your blinker while changing lanes, not just while turning.  See?  It’s easy.  We live on this earth together and being courteous and mindful of others helps make each day better.

So, what’s your pet peeve?


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