My Branches

When my daughter was born I was a young mother of only 22.  I fell immediately in love and experienced the gamut of emotions that comes with motherhood.  My son came just a short 24 months later and I found that my heart was capable of more love than I could have ever imagined.  At that time I was sure this was as good as it could ever get – the loves of my life.

Fast-forward 26 years.  It was on that sweet day in February that I realized there was a joy I could feel that would come close to the births of my children – the birth of my first grandchild.  I had heard folks speak of their grandchildren and how wonderful it was to be a grandparent but in my mind and my heart, nothing would equal what I felt for my babies…..then I became a member of this unique group and it was like the veil had been lifted, and I understood.

Looking back again when my daughter was born, I didn’t realize at the time that what we had created would grow – we did this; we created one, who created another, and so on……pretty good stuff.

I have been given the gift of several grandchildren now with another on the way.  They are my life and I wouldn’t trade being their Grammy for anything.  Thank you to my sweet babies, for your sweet babies, and for filling my heart.



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