I Can Feel It

There are occasions when I will post a song I enjoy.  I am fully aware that most of you who view my blog aren’t interested in my taste of music, but I post anyway….maybe someone will feel the song as I have.

Not too long ago someone I know said to me, you were one of a handful of people I knew who had that music in their bones.”  I believe this is true.  I am not unique, most folks enjoy music.  But I need it, daily.

Recently a coworker and I were discussing the difficulties of being deaf or blind, and I was asked which I would choose if I had to.  I believe it would be easier to navigate through life being deaf rather than blind, but the thought of never hearing one of my favorite songs again is painful.

I’ve written before about the magic of music and how it can transport you to a specific moment in time.  That’s one of my favorite things about the songs I love; to be able to experience the memory of a moment with someone.



You’ll Think of Me

I love this live version of this Keith Urban song. This is about 10 years old. I’ve seen him perform this live and the passion of the song is enthralling. It’s a bit different than what’s on the album. Especially near the end…..gets me every time.


Days Gone By

I’ve been in my current home for just over two years.  I had decorated some when we moved in but I’ve had framed photographs sitting waiting to be hung.   In addition, I had new photos of the grandchildren which also needed to be displayed, so I’ve recently tasked myself with placing these important pictures within my home where they can be enjoyed daily by me and anyone who might visit.  I’m very happy with how they warm my home.

There is a photograph from my past which I love dearly.  It was taken by my children’s father in Puerto Vallarta back in 1980 while we were vacationing with friends.  It’s a memory I’m very fond of.  The photograph has some age damage so I have restored it as best as I can and will frame it and display it soon.

AMexico 1980

Life is an accumulation of moments shared with people.  I want my home to reflect my life – the memories and the people I adore.

…time makes you bolder, even children get older and I’m getting older, too….

I recently celebrated my birthday.  I had originally planned on taking the day off but a yucky case of shingles kept me home the week before so I had to work on my birthday.  I had hoped to take a day trip with my daughter and her children, not wanting any hoopla, just a lovely day with my loves but we had to put that off for another day.

When I arrived at work, my co-workers had decorated my office with festive colors, banners, flowers, presents……it was done up perfect for me!  Lunch included a birthday celebration paid for by the boss.  My co-workers are amazing women and our boss is a generous kind man.

When I arrived home, I walked into my quiet house and there was a beautifully framed collage of photos of the grandchildren.  I had recently mentioned how I didn’t have current photos of Rick’s grandchildren, and he did this for me.  It was perfect!

The day after my birthday, my son, his wife and my grandson took me to lunch and surprised me with another beautiful photograph of my grandson and step-granddaughter on canvas.  My son had also heard my comments and he took note.  I have a great son!

Tonight, my daughter, son in law, granddaughter and grandson are taking me to dinner.  My daughter is lovely and I am blessed she is my child….I can’t wait to see her!

And also, there were the many birthday wishes on social media, texts, and emails from people I care about.

What I find interesting in all of this is I had hoped for a simple day.  I didn’t want anything or a fuss.  But, I’m so glad the people in my life took the time to give me these joyful moments.

I don’t take for granted this life I get to live.  I hope this next year I can give back to everyone who helped make my day spectacular.