Days Gone By

I’ve been in my current home for just over two years.  I had decorated some when we moved in but I’ve had framed photographs sitting waiting to be hung.   In addition, I had new photos of the grandchildren which also needed to be displayed, so I’ve recently tasked myself with placing these important pictures within my home where they can be enjoyed daily by me and anyone who might visit.  I’m very happy with how they warm my home.

There is a photograph from my past which I love dearly.  It was taken by my children’s father in Puerto Vallarta back in 1980 while we were vacationing with friends.  It’s a memory I’m very fond of.  The photograph has some age damage so I have restored it as best as I can and will frame it and display it soon.

AMexico 1980

Life is an accumulation of moments shared with people.  I want my home to reflect my life – the memories and the people I adore.


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