I Can Feel It

There are occasions when I will post a song I enjoy.  I am fully aware that most of you who view my blog aren’t interested in my taste of music, but I post anyway….maybe someone will feel the song as I have.

Not too long ago someone I know said to me, you were one of a handful of people I knew who had that music in their bones.”  I believe this is true.  I am not unique, most folks enjoy music.  But I need it, daily.

Recently a coworker and I were discussing the difficulties of being deaf or blind, and I was asked which I would choose if I had to.  I believe it would be easier to navigate through life being deaf rather than blind, but the thought of never hearing one of my favorite songs again is painful.

I’ve written before about the magic of music and how it can transport you to a specific moment in time.  That’s one of my favorite things about the songs I love; to be able to experience the memory of a moment with someone.



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