Go Green!

I have a lightly shaded green thumb.  Not a dark green as I’m not able to get everything to grow and there are a few plants, such as basil, which no matter how many times I try, they just don’t thrive.  But, I do have many plants in my home, around my home, as I love the natural color of green and the energy and harmony they bring.

I find myself chatting with these lovely gifts this world has given me.  And, they speak back.  No, I’m not crazy, when I say “speak” I mean in different terms.  I have one plant that simply by looking at it I can tell it needs a drink.  Each plant has its own unique message.   And, when one doesn’t thrive, I feel a bit of sadness.

My sister has joked that God’s favorite color is green.  I think she’s right.  A lush green forest is eye candy.  It feels good.  I think blue is God’s second favorite……the ocean gives an amazing vibe.

A snippet of photos from my home and the “gardens” I love.  Nothing out of the ordinary as I live in the desert (today’s high temp will be 111°), but my little slice of tranquility.

a garden 1
My kitchen window
a garden 2
Upon entry
a garden 3
My evergreen elm is thriving!
a garden 4
I can see this from my bath
a garden 5
The aloe is hiding



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