Speak Up

Recently, during lunch with my coworkers, we were discussing different personal topics and one of the comments was about keeping the peace rather than angering someone with the truth.  Everyone agreed it is wrong to keep quiet when someone is misbehaving.  So why are we silent?  Why don’t we speak up and do the right thing?  Why do we let others bully us?

I have kept quiet a time or two when I should have spoken up.  I try to be honest with the people in my life.  I think it can be done in a civil manner.

Another questions is, why do these people misbehave?  When I say misbehave it can mean many things.  In my conversation with my coworkers we were talking about people who manipulate others.  Why do people act that way?  Selfish?  Insecure?  Just downright mean, cynical, ugly people?

Whatever the reason, it’s annoying.  Especially when the manipulator’s nastiness is affecting many lives.

I read this today and it seemed to fit this topic:  Don’t continue engaging or attempting to keep the peace at the expense of your inner peace. 

Don’t allow it.   Don’t do it.  Simple


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