Can I Handle the Seasons of My Life…

There is this thing that sometimes happens in life as you get older – you take over the parent role and your parent is like your child.  It is difficult, at best, and at times heartbreaking.  When making decisions for my 87 year old mother, knowing that it is in her best interest, and she fights it, just like a young inexperienced teenager, it can become depressing.  As Mom’s POA, I take my responsibilities very serious.  Her well-being is first and foremost …..even when it makes her angry at me.

The stress meter is up in the red section of the dial.  Sigh.

My mother recently moved in with my sister as she needs help throughout her day for many reasons.  Mom is legally blind, needs a walker to get around, can’t recall when/how much of her meds she’s taken, etc.

My sister’s world has completely changed also.  It isn’t easy to tend to an elderly parent who doesn’t want to understand why certain choices have been made for her.  My sister has the day-to-day contact and I am most appreciative of her and the sacrifices she and her husband are making.

Love isn’t always easy.


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