He Looks Familiar

I’ve been babysitting two of my grandkids this week. My granddaughter is 9 and her brother is 1. The 9 year old is pretty self-sufficient and a blast to hang out with. Every morning while she’s getting ready for school we find a song to sing and dance to. The 1 year old is a bundle of energy and is keeping me on my toes. He has rearranged the furniture daily, many times a day. He is a curious one. I am keenly aware of why we have babies when we are young. He is just so, so sweet, loving, and the cutest thing ever!

I have babysat the kids before but this is the first time I’ve had both for an extended time. As we go throughout our day the thing that keeps striking me most about my grandson is how much he resembles my daughter. I have always thought he did but spending so much time with him, I am seeing it so much more. It is like taking a trip back in time and seeing my baby girl again. It’s joyful, makes my heart happy, but oddly enough, it is a tad-bit (tiny, tiny bit) sad. I miss when my kids were babies and this just reinforces that feeling. I will say though that I delight in the fact that he looks so much like his momma. My granddaughter does too to some degree, but she has more of her father’s features than the baby does….at least at this point. As we all know, babies change almost daily so it will be interesting to see how much he looks like my daughter when he’s older.

I’m glad my daughter and her hubby are able to get away, and I’m most especially grateful that they have entrusted me with their precious children.

Bodie 2


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