These Are The Days….

This past weekend I flew out to California.  My daughter and her family drove over to Newport Beach the day before to begin the birthday celebration weekend for my son-in-law and I was invited to join them to watch the kiddos while they went to see my son-in-law’s favorite band.

My excitement about being near the ocean was quite elevated.  As most people know, the ocean is healing.  The sound, the smell, the power…it is beautiful.  What a gift!  And I took it in each time I could.  But, more than the ocean, spending a few days with my grandchildren fed my soul even more!

It was St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday and the inn we were staying at was near an Irish bar which meant lots of drunken people.  I would estimate the average age of the folks I witnessed coming and going was about 25.  My guard-dog, don’t-even-look-at-my-grandkids, instincts were on high alert.  It is entertaining and a bit disturbing to watch young drunk people.  Walking with my grandchildren, I did my best to avoid the areas that were crowded with loud, tipsy people.

My granddaughter is a good human.  She is compassionate, kind, funny, and beautiful.  I love being in her presence.  Her little brother is your typical toddler; he is very curious about all things new, he loves trucks, motorcycles.  He had several bouts of the giggles which, watching a toddler laugh hysterically is yummy food for the soul.

My daughter has a precious family.  You hope that when your kids grow and find love that they mold together in a way that makes them grow and become their best self.  She has done that.

It was a fun weekend with memories I will cherish.



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