Laugh a Little

Life.  We often refer to it as a roller coaster.  I want more up moments than down but then, who doesn’t.  I wish I could eliminate those difficult days.  The roller coaster took an ugly turn recently.  It isn’t easy facing realty with this one.  I’m attempting to find humor in my days so I can laugh off the stress.  It is better than any pill, laughter releases something wonderful.

Looking towards the future, knowing myself and how I respond to the stresses in life, I will most certainly need an abundance of time with my sweet grandkids.  Nothing puts out those stress flames quite like those beautiful faces….and the laughter I mentioned earlier.

Optimism, gratitude, love, laughter, and my sweet loves.  I’ll get through this.


I Wanna Go Back….

If you could go back in time for just one day with the knowledge you have today, would you?  I would, without any hesitation, go back to a specific time in my life and revel, live joyously in that moment.  I would hold on tightly, as hard as I could to that day in my life.  I would appreciate the feeling of my young self again, to live in my young skin and love with my young heart.  Perhaps, it would be difficult to return to my older self after a day in my life, and perhaps, I would regret it…. but, that thought would not prevent me from going back.  Not one bit.

Time travel – a concept movies are made of, but not real life.  Can’t go back.  Moving forward is a necessity but memories of my young, extremely fun years and the people I loved are always going to be part of my life and what a precious gift those memories are.