I’ve touched on this before but complexities of life and watching human behavior around me has prompted me to speak of it again – motives.  What is your motive?  Is it a pure heart or is it selfish desire?  Do you want to better another human or do you want to punish them?  Looking at the motive behind a reaction and being truthful with yourself can be painfully hard but will usually result in making the best decision.

How I react to the people in my life is up to me.  What my motive is will determine my reaction.  With my little grandson, my motive will be to guide and direct him with the deep love of his adoring Grammy which in turn will result in a positive reaction.  I love the child and want him to thrive and grow emotionally.  Can I react with the same motive to, say, my co-worker?  Probably not.  But I can choose to react in a way that will not only help me to be a better person, but will hopefully help them as well.

Motives are a big thing and a direct result of one’s character.

Here’s to uplifting one another and positive motives!