I’d go anywhere, anywhere…ask me and I’m there…

Blogging. It’s fun to share my thoughts, when I have time to do so. But time has been a precious commodity lately. Tax season is officially over (really, it isn’t, but most people believe after April 15th it is) so now it is time to catch up on the many numerous things that get pushed aside while the government waits for details of its citizens’ income.

I’ve had little time for most things I love. My plants are in dire need of some TLC. A nasty case of gnats in one plant is on my radar. Those little buggers are a real pest!

In the midst of the tax madness my stepdaughter married her darling love. The wedding was perfect; it fit her to a tee. She had a vision and it came to life. I’m so very happy for this beautiful young woman and the very cool man she will spend her life with.

I spent the weekend with my daughter’s children while she had a mini vacation in California. Enjoying time with my grandchildren supersedes any possible plans that I might ever have. I love them all that much. Life is just better when I’m with them (and their parents).

In a few months I will actually be going on a real vacation. Life and all the things that get thrown into my world have prevented me from exploring this amazing beautiful world I so long to see. Other than a trip within my home state I haven’t been anywhere in several years. It kind of pisses me off to think about being stuck as I have been for so long, so I will shift my thinking to what I am about to enjoy – the beauty of the northwest and a little bit of Canada. Excited? Unbelievably so.