Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I write often about my sweet loves, my plants, my music…all very important but I haven’t written about another fun part of my life and that is my love of sports.

I love football. I was raised by football loving parents. For summer vacations we would go watch our favorite team at their training camp. It was so much fun. Once we settled in Tucson in 1968, the Arizona Wildcats became our college team. Bear Down! I love all things Wildcats!

I moved to Phoenix in 1980 and when the St. Louis Cardinals moved to Phoenix in 1987, they became my new favorite NFL team. I have been a loyal Arizona Cardinals fan since.

I used to watch NBA basketball but I mostly focus on the Wildcats basketball during basketball season.

I’m a big Arizona Diamondbacks fan as well. People say baseball is boring and I suppose at times it can be but I love it. It’s even better at the game when you can experience the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd as the ball is hit into a home run. And, there is always the hot dog and peanuts.

My family has had a fantasy football league for the last several years and it’s fun to play in and with. I stink at it as I typically use emotion rather than logic when drafting my players. I’m not at all competitive so it is truly just for fun.

So, that’s another piece of me. Maybe next topic will be my love of camping and fishing.


My People

I have two close friends that I can share anything with.  They know my deepest, darkest (and brightest) secrets.  They are safe places for me to go and to share my moments, thoughts, that I don’t trust others with.  They are at times brutally honest in their protection of me, what they think I should do to help my life in moments where I am confused.  Trust.  It is the one thing that you have to have in a relationship like I have with these two wonderful ladies.  I know their hearts (beautiful, beautiful, pure hearts) and the advice I get from them will always be in my very best interest.

Everyone should have a safe place to land and share their life with, knowing that there is a bubble surrounding you that will keep you safe.