Change is good. Usually. But there comes a time when one must “leave well enough alone.” Think about the photo of the celebrity who has gone just a wee-bit too far under the plastic surgeon’s knife, that’s an example of learning to know when to say stop.

I’m not one to move my furniture around much. If I find a pattern that fits well, I typically leave it. Occasionally, a shift of direction, or a few inches over will work better so I have learned to open my mind up to the opinions of others.

My partner’s nephew lives with us; Daniel is 35 and has Down syndrome. He is constantly changing his memorabilia around in his bedroom. Constant isn’t much of an exaggeration; every day something in his room has changed. He has tubs of his “memories” which he gets into and pulls stuff out, puts stuff back…I have no idea how he is content in his constant changing room but it is who he is and it’s his room to do as he pleases. My bedroom on the other hand is clutter-free and with the exception of a new plant now and then, or new bedding, it stays as is.

I know other folks who fill their creative cups by living in a perpetual world of change. I don’t understand it but they most likely don’t get how I am content with the status quo.

I am at times resistant to change and have had to learn to not be stubborn about a shift in my life – be it at work or home. I have a little input in my work routine but my boss gets to decide what changes will be made within my work schedule, it is his company, his decision. My personal life, I have much more say and I have to be mindful of the other people in my world – what might they prefer? It’s easy with my kids…I just want them happy so I tend to be flexible there. This year we are doing holidays differently and I am actually quite excited! This change is definitely good!

Perhaps my resistant comes from some big changes in my life which were far from good. Maybe that explains it. Whatever the reason, it can be helpful to peel back the layers and look at what motivates us to change, or not…


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