Dance With Me!

Dance like no one is looking – YES!  When you feel the music and your body is saying move, listen to it!  I love to dance and I could care less what anyone else thinks, when that feeling strikes, I’m gonna move.  Recently, I was listening to some old favorites while at work and realized I was moving to the groove in my chair at my desk.  It felt good, I was swaying, feeling that song deep inside.  Music is just the best and dancing has a direct connection to it.

Have you ever watched a baby who is just barely able to stand start bouncing when music begins to play?  That baby feels the beat, and it is a thing of beauty to watch a child rock and roll.  Dancing is natural, it just is and it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s about celebrating how the music feels.

“I will dance like a fool, I won’t be afraid to laugh…”

Keep on dancing, don’t let anyone stop you.


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