The ‘Rona

Oh, my goodness!  What a crazy world we are living in.  A virus has created what feels like a very long scene from a disturbing movie.  I’ve read theories from people who believe a complete lockdown is necessary, while others believe any lockdown is ridiculous.  I think somewhere in the middle is the truth.  If you are vulnerable, you should take precautions.  But, how is it, that even taking a drive with your partner is being outlawed in some states?  Really?  Driving to escape the prison of your home with no interaction with others?  That’s insanity.

Toilet paper.  Who would have thought that TP would become a precious commodity?  What triggers the need to hoard?  Fear?  In this country we have an overabundance of just about everything so why would someone hoard anything?

For me, the hardest part of all of this is not spending time with my family.  I’m frustrated that this has taken control over our lives.  I miss my people.

Looking for a silver lining.  It’s almost impossible to do so with the stress of all of this but if I had to find something, I think it would be the amplified sense of gratitude I now have for all the resources I had taken for granted before; the ability to grocery shop without limitations; going out to dinner; traveling, etc.


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