I had forgotten about this blog. Life got in the way. There isn’t a lot of down time between work, sleep, eat…repeat…

The so-called pandemic has been a nuisance. I’m over it. No vaccine here. I’m banking on the 99.7% survival rate. I’m not much impressed with the gathering of the numbers. What is real, what isn’t. Too many politicians weighing in and that is never a good thing. How many of us actually believe with real confidence anything we hear from these people? I do not.

When I have a spare moment, I am always hoping to spend it with my loves. Again, never enough time to do what I wish I could do but my kids/grandkids are always number 1. I make a point of them knowing they are most important.

I have a week off in May. Gonna explore the northern parts of my state. I need to get away.

Until next time.