I had forgotten about this blog. Life got in the way. There isn’t a lot of down time between work, sleep, eat…repeat…

The so-called pandemic has been a nuisance. I’m over it. No vaccine here. I’m banking on the 99.7% survival rate. I’m not much impressed with the gathering of the numbers. What is real, what isn’t. Too many politicians weighing in and that is never a good thing. How many of us actually believe with real confidence anything we hear from these people? I do not.

When I have a spare moment, I am always hoping to spend it with my loves. Again, never enough time to do what I wish I could do but my kids/grandkids are always number 1. I make a point of them knowing they are most important.

I have a week off in May. Gonna explore the northern parts of my state. I need to get away.

Until next time.


The ‘Rona

Oh, my goodness!  What a crazy world we are living in.  A virus has created what feels like a very long scene from a disturbing movie.  I’ve read theories from people who believe a complete lockdown is necessary, while others believe any lockdown is ridiculous.  I think somewhere in the middle is the truth.  If you are vulnerable, you should take precautions.  But, how is it, that even taking a drive with your partner is being outlawed in some states?  Really?  Driving to escape the prison of your home with no interaction with others?  That’s insanity.

Toilet paper.  Who would have thought that TP would become a precious commodity?  What triggers the need to hoard?  Fear?  In this country we have an overabundance of just about everything so why would someone hoard anything?

For me, the hardest part of all of this is not spending time with my family.  I’m frustrated that this has taken control over our lives.  I miss my people.

Looking for a silver lining.  It’s almost impossible to do so with the stress of all of this but if I had to find something, I think it would be the amplified sense of gratitude I now have for all the resources I had taken for granted before; the ability to grocery shop without limitations; going out to dinner; traveling, etc.


I have a plant named Larry.  He isn’t just any plant, Larry is family.  He is big and towers above me.  Larry commands the room.  I love Larry.  I love all of my plants, but Larry holds a special place in my heart.  Larry started as a little guy and after a few pot changes, he began to grow into the big guy he is now.  When he found me, he was maybe 2 feet tall.  By my best estimation, Larry is now about 8 ft. tall.  Did I mention I love Larry?  We had to move him to accommodate the Christmas tree and I could tell he wasn’t exactly fond of his temporary location.  He’s back in his room now so all is good.  I don’t know how I will manage to re-pot him again, the basket I forced him into, his current pot is kind of stuck in there.  I will most likely have to cut him out of the basket, but whatever Larry needs, Larry will get.

Now you know about my friend, Larry.

(FYI – Larry is named after the fabulous football player, Larry Fitzgerald)


Dance With Me!

Dance like no one is looking – YES!  When you feel the music and your body is saying move, listen to it!  I love to dance and I could care less what anyone else thinks, when that feeling strikes, I’m gonna move.  Recently, I was listening to some old favorites while at work and realized I was moving to the groove in my chair at my desk.  It felt good, I was swaying, feeling that song deep inside.  Music is just the best and dancing has a direct connection to it.

Have you ever watched a baby who is just barely able to stand start bouncing when music begins to play?  That baby feels the beat, and it is a thing of beauty to watch a child rock and roll.  Dancing is natural, it just is and it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s about celebrating how the music feels.

“I will dance like a fool, I won’t be afraid to laugh…”

Keep on dancing, don’t let anyone stop you.


Change is good. Usually. But there comes a time when one must “leave well enough alone.” Think about the photo of the celebrity who has gone just a wee-bit too far under the plastic surgeon’s knife, that’s an example of learning to know when to say stop.

I’m not one to move my furniture around much. If I find a pattern that fits well, I typically leave it. Occasionally, a shift of direction, or a few inches over will work better so I have learned to open my mind up to the opinions of others.

My partner’s nephew lives with us; Daniel is 35 and has Down syndrome. He is constantly changing his memorabilia around in his bedroom. Constant isn’t much of an exaggeration; every day something in his room has changed. He has tubs of his “memories” which he gets into and pulls stuff out, puts stuff back…I have no idea how he is content in his constant changing room but it is who he is and it’s his room to do as he pleases. My bedroom on the other hand is clutter-free and with the exception of a new plant now and then, or new bedding, it stays as is.

I know other folks who fill their creative cups by living in a perpetual world of change. I don’t understand it but they most likely don’t get how I am content with the status quo.

I am at times resistant to change and have had to learn to not be stubborn about a shift in my life – be it at work or home. I have a little input in my work routine but my boss gets to decide what changes will be made within my work schedule, it is his company, his decision. My personal life, I have much more say and I have to be mindful of the other people in my world – what might they prefer? It’s easy with my kids…I just want them happy so I tend to be flexible there. This year we are doing holidays differently and I am actually quite excited! This change is definitely good!

Perhaps my resistant comes from some big changes in my life which were far from good. Maybe that explains it. Whatever the reason, it can be helpful to peel back the layers and look at what motivates us to change, or not…

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I write often about my sweet loves, my plants, my music…all very important but I haven’t written about another fun part of my life and that is my love of sports.

I love football. I was raised by football loving parents. For summer vacations we would go watch our favorite team at their training camp. It was so much fun. Once we settled in Tucson in 1968, the Arizona Wildcats became our college team. Bear Down! I love all things Wildcats!

I moved to Phoenix in 1980 and when the St. Louis Cardinals moved to Phoenix in 1987, they became my new favorite NFL team. I have been a loyal Arizona Cardinals fan since.

I used to watch NBA basketball but I mostly focus on the Wildcats basketball during basketball season.

I’m a big Arizona Diamondbacks fan as well. People say baseball is boring and I suppose at times it can be but I love it. It’s even better at the game when you can experience the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd as the ball is hit into a home run. And, there is always the hot dog and peanuts.

My family has had a fantasy football league for the last several years and it’s fun to play in and with. I stink at it as I typically use emotion rather than logic when drafting my players. I’m not at all competitive so it is truly just for fun.

So, that’s another piece of me. Maybe next topic will be my love of camping and fishing.

My People

I have two close friends that I can share anything with.  They know my deepest, darkest (and brightest) secrets.  They are safe places for me to go and to share my moments, thoughts, that I don’t trust others with.  They are at times brutally honest in their protection of me, what they think I should do to help my life in moments where I am confused.  Trust.  It is the one thing that you have to have in a relationship like I have with these two wonderful ladies.  I know their hearts (beautiful, beautiful, pure hearts) and the advice I get from them will always be in my very best interest.

Everyone should have a safe place to land and share their life with, knowing that there is a bubble surrounding you that will keep you safe.

I’m Getting Older, Too

Retirement.  I wish.  I’ve worked most of my adult life and I am several years away from being able to take the full amount of my social security benefits, but I don’t believe that is going to happen for me, not anytime soon.

When you don’t plan well, or make stupid mistakes, you then have to work past the typical retirement age.  It can be difficult when you hear about friends celebrating early retirement, to know you didn’t draw that lucky stick.  It’s harder now to do the things I could do when I was younger.  I rely on calendars and other tools to help get me through each day.  I notice the changes.

To get through this time of life, the goal then has to shift to vacations.  Having time off doing fun things makes the frustration of being tied to a job less frustrating.  My next real adventure will happen just before summer begins next year.  I am so excited for this journey.  There will be several weekend jaunts around my home state before this big road trip but having something to look forward to is necessary for my survival.

The other joy that sustains me will always, always, include the wonderful blessing of watching my grandkids as often as possible.  I can’t wrap my head around the thought of not spending as much time with my little loves as their parents will allow.  They are the second greatest gift I have ever received.

My advice to young adults starting out – plan.  Make a plan and stick to it.   Don’t spend more than you make.  Avoid debt as much as possible.  Invest.  Do what you need to do so you can celebrate early retirement.  Be smart.

In the Sweet Summertime

Summer arrived.  It took it’s time and those of us who live in the desert southwest were very appreciative of its delay.  The sun is up late which creates an odd feeling when it finally sets and it is quickly time for bed.  Despite the heat of the day, I love the summer!  I have many fond memories as a young girl, learning the ropes of life and navigating through the wonderful days of youth.  Music is always playing in those very vivid summertime memories.  That place between a girl and a woman can be difficult, and oh so very exciting!  Looking back at the first crush, first kiss, first boyfriend, so many firsts in that magical time of life.

Much has gone by since those years.  Many life experiences which have led me to the place I am today, and there will be more to lead me along the way but I believe each beginning of summer will always take me back to those beautiful days of youth.