My Little Forest

I love plants.  I have many.  My son walked into my house and jokingly asked, “Mom, do you think you need more plants?”  My response was, of course I do.  I love each one and when one doesn’t thrive, I take it personally.  When I have to trim off the dead leaves, I am grateful for the time they were green.  I like the oxygen the plants give my home as much, or perhaps more, than the vibe they bring to the room.

If I could, I would build a house in the mountains with great windows so that my entire home would be lit up each day and my plants would be able to be scattered about in each room, a forest inside a home.  As it is now, there are just 3 rooms that can properly accommodate my plants.

I have a new plant (pictured below) that was given to me by my boss for my work anniversary and I will take it home this week.  I have kept it in my office just to be surrounded by more greenery, but I know exactly where I will put this lovely tree once it is home.

I have some re-potting to do soon, time to give them all a little love.

a plant