I went to Las Vegas recently. I hadn’t been there in 15 years or so…. I can’t say I’ve missed much.

The purpose of the trip was to see the musical legend, Van Morrison. He was appearing at Caesars Palace so I purchased tickets, hotel room and we drove up from Phoenix.

Las Vegas feels, well, fake. It’s almost as if you’re living in a movie scene between the different sorts of people, the noise, the constant ‘something ’going on. Maybe, living in an extremely stressful dream sequence would be a better description.

The cigarette smoke in of itself was a bit much for this old lady. I did encounter a man smoking some pot (weed, for you younger folks) and that smell isn’t offensive but cigarette smell is just yucky. In most cities it is outlawed in a public place but not in Vegas. There is a different set of rules in the Bright Lights city.

As we were walking around, we had another odd encounter – two scantily dressed young women decked out in show attire (barely anything covered, but you get the picture) asked if we wanted a photo taken with them. I was startled by their question and quickly blurted out, “Oh, good lord, NO!” As soon as I said it, I realized I sounded just like my mother. I heard her voice in my response. It was a bit comical.

I remember years ago being able to go to the buffet and eat cheap. The buffet runs about $50, which is also about what you’ll pay for a meal for 2. Las Vegas isn’t cheap.

The show was spectacular! Van Morrison isn’t a personable guy, he doesn’t chat with the audience but the music was phenomenal. His band was sharp and perfect. I loved closing my eyes and hearing “that” voice. It evoked some wonderful memories.

We gambled a little. I lost a few dollars on video poker which he won back at the roulette. I prefer being alone, playing a silly machine rather than being at some sort of table with other people. I am a loner, to some degree. He is not so the tables suit him, thankfully we left Las Vegas with more than we came with, not much, but a little.

I doubt I will go back anytime soon unless there is another show I want to see. James Taylor is coming to Vegas but I will wait until he makes his way to my town. It’s just not my cup of tea.