I have a plant named Larry.  He isn’t just any plant, Larry is family.  He is big and towers above me.  Larry commands the room.  I love Larry.  I love all of my plants, but Larry holds a special place in my heart.  Larry started as a little guy and after a few pot changes, he began to grow into the big guy he is now.  When he found me, he was maybe 2 feet tall.  By my best estimation, Larry is now about 8 ft. tall.  Did I mention I love Larry?  We had to move him to accommodate the Christmas tree and I could tell he wasn’t exactly fond of his temporary location.  He’s back in his room now so all is good.  I don’t know how I will manage to re-pot him again, the basket I forced him into, his current pot is kind of stuck in there.  I will most likely have to cut him out of the basket, but whatever Larry needs, Larry will get.

Now you know about my friend, Larry.

(FYI – Larry is named after the fabulous football player, Larry Fitzgerald)



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