The Perfect Day

What is the perfect day?  Well, Saturday was my perfect day.  My son’s kids were having a birthday party so I spent the afternoon with both of my children and all of my grandchildren.  I bounced around from child to child, adult child to adult child, and just relished in the moments.

I am fully aware of how the time of childhood flies by.  What seemed like just a few short years ago I was the young mother of two beautiful children.  Now, I am taken back at how my grandchildren are growing at the speed of sound…..or, at least it seems that way.  My perfect baby grandson will be 8 weeks this week.  How can that be? He was just born!  He smiles and coos at me now.  My heart melts and I feel the wonderful tears of joy building but, I want it to all slooooooooooow down.  My oldest granddaughter will be 9 on her next birthday.  She has come into her own; her very cool personality and she has learned she has an opinion.  I love that she is confident and able to think for herself.  She has learned the art of negotiation, including when to concede.  The birthday boy turned 2.  He’s my little Bub-Bub and he is going to be a little engineer if he continues on his path of figuring out just how everything functions.  Observing his curiosity as he is watching the wheels on a toy turn and seeing his contentment as he clearly gets how this thing works, his mind just thinks engineer.  I also have a bonus granddaughter who just turned 5.  She is lovely!  She is smart, kind, and she doesn’t know that she is not genetically related to me.  I hope she always feels that way.

I suppose it seems like I digressed from the original topic of the ‘perfect day,’ but sharing these special humans that bring me so much joy and aid in creating my perfect day, could never be a digression.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity in which I get to have the perfect day.  Until then, I will enjoy each separate moment I spend with my kiddos and be thankful for this special relationship of mother and grandmother.


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