Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I think it was a local artist who once said something like – anyone can appreciate the beauty of a lush green forest, but it takes a special eye to see the beauty of the desert.  I believe that is true.

My son was stationed in Washington State and I made several trips to visit him.  He was just north of Seattle and there is breathtaking, beautiful green everywhere.  I didn’t want to stop looking at the gorgeous countryside – it was eye candy. It was easy to enjoy.

I live in the Phoenix area, grew up in Tucson.  The Sonoran desert is filled with a wide variety of native plants that adapt to the arid climate.  There are unique trees such as the Palo Verde, Ironwood, and Mesquite.  In addition, there are countless cacti (can’t forget the majestic Saguaro!), and their blossom is as pretty as any flower.

The desert is very much alive and there is beauty if you are willing to see it.



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